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SIPA Registered Master Builder: Hall & Wright Builders

Based in Southport, North Carolina, Hall & Wright Builders has established a reputation for constructing innovative and quality green homes with structural insulated panels (SIPs) throughout the coastal Carolinas area.

Hall & Wright Builders are NAHB Certified Green Building Professionals and an ENERGY STAR Building Partner. In addition to the latest technologies like LED lighting and ductless mini-split HVAC systems, Hall & Wright Builders make SIPs a key part of their green home designs. Nearly all their homes are built with SIPs. According to partner Bryan McGowin, their homes average a HERS Index of 50.

“SIPs, in one product and one installation step, provide a simplified layout, a vastly superior structural envelope and great insulation,” he said.

Building along the southeastern shoreline carries the risk of high winds and hurricane danger. Hall & Wright is a Fortified for Hurricane Gold Builder and relies on the inherent strength of SIPs in their disaster-resistant designs.

“We build in the 130 and 140 mph wind zones, and our area has seen the eye of numerous hurricanes lately,” said McGowin. “Getting a structure dried-in quickly during the season is good for a client's and our peace of mind.”

“Watching a hurricane in a finished SIPs house is like TV with the sound turned off: quiet, peaceful and interesting to see,” he added.

Equally important to sustainability and durability in Hall & Wright’s company values is a focus on quality craftsmanship through every aspect of design and construction. The company is vertically integrated—serving as a licensed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractor. They have their own in-house designers and experienced SIP installation crews.

“Using our own employees to install SIPs turned out to be an excellent idea,” said McGowin. “We have a really superior, well-trained crew and nothing fazes them anymore.”

It was this vast experience that earned Hall & Wright the SIPA Registered Master Builder designation. McGowin sees this as a visible testament of his company’s experience and commitment to quality construction that his customers can rely on.

“Our marketing is tailored to show potential clients that we are the quality alternative, and since almost all of our construction uses SIPs, we need to show that we are the best in the business,” he said. “The SIPA Registered Master Builder designation goes a long way in that area. It has definitely helped close business.”

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