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Arizona, United States

Casa San MiguelCasa San Miguel
San Miguel project is the first utilizing SIP technology. In addition to designing the structure, I was actively involved in the installation of the panels, observing a framing crew that had never built a SIP structure. After some brief instruction by Phil Ligon of Premier SIPs, the floor, walls and roof were assembled with little difficulty. Having a fully insulated structure for the remaining trades to work under, has been a big bonus during the Phoenix summer. Now that I have seen how SIPs work, I can’t imagine building future projects utilizing “old school” methods. I would recommend SIPs to anyone building new structures today.” - Eric L Meyerowitz
Phoenix, AZ

Ideation Design Group OfficesIdeation Design Group Offices
Using SIPs reduced construction time. The exterior walls were framed, sheathed and insulated in four days with only four men. This building was designed and built to serve as an example to potential clients of the simplicity, wisdom and long-term value of a super-insulated, solar-assisted, high efficiency building. done right.
Phoenix, AZ

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