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California, United States

360 Sustainable360 Sustainable
SIPA Registered Builder
360 Sustainable specializes in the Design, Engineering & Construction of Custom “prefab” Buildings. Solutions that achieve up to 50% time savings, at a competitive cost. These can be Modular, or Panelized in nature. They can also be pre-cut erector kits, or hybrids of several prefabrication systems. They can be off-grid, and incorporate passive solar design. Superior Energy Efficiency is a standard key-ingredient. Various types of SIP panels (Steel faced, Magnesium oxide, and OSB faced) are an important component of many of our buildings. Either in a stand-alone load bearing application, or as exterior wall "cladding" over loadbearing (light weight steel or other) space frame. Our primary goal is the minimization of the amount of parts, steps, labor, and specialized tools or equipment required to erect buildings. This results in practical, financial, and time saving benefits for our clients.
San Francisco, CA

Innovative Structural Engineering
SIPA Design Professional Member
Murrieta, CA

SIPA Supplier Member
La Jolla, CA

Premier Building SystemsPremier Building Systems
SIPA Dealer/Distributors and Sales Rep Member
Los Angeles, CA

R-Control SIP/Big Sky
SIPA Dealer/Distributors and Sales Rep Member
Redding, CA

R-Control SIP/West Coast SIPs, LP
SIPA Manufacturing Member
Wasco, CA

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